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February 23, 2024

Post 83 – Can You Always Fit In?

Building a life with a house, career, and family sounds awesome, right? But sometimes, you have to leave everything behind and start fresh. Look at all the people leaving countries due to war.???? Picking the place on a map where you want to live is a big deal. And being able to adjust is key.????????⚡️ Some people asked me – what was the most difficult place to live among the 7 countries I lived.⁉️Ok, let me start. Italy ????????????seems dreamy […]
February 8, 2024

Post 82 Business For a Sale

sandusembi  Dear Friends, As life takes me into a new journey in a different country, I am currently offering two well-established companies for sale: an operational entity and a holding company, If you are dreaming of starting your business in the Netherlands and are unsure of the steps to take to enter the business arena, Or you’ve been freelancing and feel it’s time to scale and grow and acquire corporate clients – Take this opportunity to step into established businesses […]
February 6, 2024

Post 81. Career Growth Platform – Please visit

Dear Steppebystep Readers!  Please support my new platform and download this FREE GUIDE! Career Growth and Mentoring official website is now LIVE at www.path2sparks.com. You can Contact us at official email: contact@path2sparks.com for inquiries. ???? Two incredible courses await you, each with flexible payment plans. One is for Professionals. another one is for young graduates. Why I chose the name Path 2 Sparks?Path – your gateway to international career growth, and Sparks – what makes you passionate, happy, what you […]
January 30, 2024

Post 80. People Need People

Do you enjoy working in a team, or do you thrive in individual tasks? Whether you’re a freelancer or work independently, we never work without people… Colleagues, clients, and teams are integral to the working environment, right? I love one-on-one interactions, especially in mentoring and consulting, but t bringing diverse individuals together, be it in training, workshops, or negotiations, is magic. ❤️ Creating team spirit through team building is something I’m passionate about. I love to spot hidden strengths and […]
January 25, 2024

Post 79. Broadening our reach to Arab States

I would like to extend my consulting, training, and mentoring services to startups and businesses in Oman. With over 25 years of global experience, including roles at Shell, ENI, Glencore Agri, Intertrust BV, and other Corporate Companies, Universities, Accelerators, and Startups, I bring a wealth of knowledge in contract management and procurement,✨ Services Offered:Tailored ConsultingCustomized Training ProgramsIndividual and Corporate Mentorship???? International Perspective:Having lived and worked in 8 countries, I bring a global mindset to drive success and growth for your […]
January 2, 2024

Post 78 What to Say in the DUTCH OFFICE

“We’re all tired of your political games,” , I overheard a Dutch colleague boldly stating to our manager.  It was my first month back in an international Dutch company after a decade in London and Italy. After a shock lasting a few seconds,  I expected immediate punishment for such directness. But not in the Netherlands. The Dutch workplace culture embraces democracy, allowing for bold and open conversations even with higher-ups. However, an unspoken code is crucial to grasp, especially as […]
January 1, 2024

Post 81. Power of the Brand

“Just like names define us, #brands reflect our personality. Imagine being called Number 1789000 Z instead of Sarah Parker or Sandugash Sembinova(although after hearing especially striking versions of my name, this does not sound so bad????)That’s why companies need brands— it helps to define how Company wants to be perceived. Think of “just do it” #3.5 years ago, #Steppebystep was born. It mirrored my journey, bridging Europe and Central Asia. Then, some big shifts occured. The brand opened doors, leading me beyond where […]
December 28, 2023

Post 76 Enroll to the Course How to Get a Right Job in NL in just a 5 weeks

“GET A RIGHT JOB IN NL in 5 weeks”The course starts on 11 January 2023 Registration starts now.For the Registratio, go to Bio Links: Path2Sparks, “Get a Right Job in 5 weeks: and click ENROLL . Or you can send me email at contact@steppebystep.com#OnlineLearning #JobSearchTips #ProfessionalDevelopment #GlobalInsights #UNTraining #ExpertAdvice #EUJobs #InternationalCareer #LearningFromExperts #JobHunting #CareerAdviceEU #SkillBuilding #UNCareer #GlobalCareerTips #FindingTheRightJob #MentoringSession #JobSearchNL #FreeSession #CareerStrategiesNL #sandusembi 5d #CareerBoost #EUJobs #NetherlandsCareer #jobsearchtips #sandusembi #path2sparks
December 17, 2023

Post 75 Free Session: How to Get a Right Job in NL

???? Free Online Session: Land Your Dream Job in the EU/NL! Last year, my friend made a move from Vilnius to Amsterdam (with my mentoring, BTW). Since then, he’s not just experienced a 2.5 pay raise but has also been: Spending weekends strolling the streets of Paris or Barcelona ????,Attending concerts by Coldplay and Madonna ????,Trying out paragliding ????,Shedding 4.5 kg of pure fat by cycling to work and embracing a healthier lifestyle ????‍♂️.Your gateway to this kind of awesomeness […]

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