Steppe by Step: Guiding Success through Consulting, Education & Retreats, with a Focus on Wellbeing and Group Training. Empowering startups, businesses, and professionals for growth, mental health and prosperity,


✔ Consulting Services for Companies and Startups

  • Elevate your organization’s performance with specialized consulting services.
  • Transform procurement organizations, enhance negotiation skills, and foster diversity and empowerment in the workplace.


✔ Corporate Education & Wellness Programs

  • Tailored Education and Mentorship for Startups, Organizations, and Professionals.
  • Empowering organizations with customized educational solutions and mentorship programs to cultivate leadership and  innovation. 1:1 and Group Programs Format.


✔ Team Retreats for Companies and Professionals

  • We offer uniquely crafted corporate retreats and wellness programs,  combining experiential education and rejuvenating experiences.
  • Reconnect, bond, and excel.

Among our Clients are International Companies, Startups, and Universities

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    Path Student Accelerator ( Eng)

    After completion of this course, every student will be equipped with the tools, knowledge, and guidance to secure the right job that aligns with their aspirations and capabilities. The program is driven by the belief that each individual deserves not just any job but the right one that matches their skills, passions, and long-term goals.

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    Kazakh Dutch Business Cooperation (Eng)

    What are the areas of cooperation between Kazakh and Dutch entrepreneurs? What are the companies born as a result of this cooperation? And most important, what are the opportunities that exist for you in this area?
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    Business in Kazakhstan – ABC (Eng)

    Expanding to Kazakhstan? Get this course to find out everything you need to know before before bringing your business there.. and more!Enroll for free