How it all began

At the age of 20, I was awarded a scholarship to pursue my studies in the USA, marking the beginning of a journey that has led me to explore, work, and live in 8 different countries. This diverse and enriching experience, navigating the complexities of building a career abroad and adapting to new environments, serves as the foundation for the unique approach of Steppe by Step Training Courses.

As I achieved the aspirations of my early career – witnessing the world, engaging in million-dollar negotiations – a realization dawned upon me. It was time to align with my authentic self by sharing the wealth of knowledge accumulated throughout my journey.

In 2001, I discovered yoga, and it seamlessly became an integral part of my daily routine. As a devoted practitioner and a Certified Yoga Teacher, my exploration for inner strength and mindfulness led me to places like China and India. Now, this profound knowledge is woven into the fabric of our Wellness Retreats and Training Programs at Steppe by Step.

Our story extends beyond personal growth to encompass a comprehensive suite of services. From consulting to nurturing startups and providing corporate education, Steppe by Step is dedicated to facilitating success, growth, and empowerment in various facets of professional and personal development.

Steppe by Step Story

Steppe by Step BV. is a Company incorporated in the Netherlands with its subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Kazakhstan.
  • 2017Start

    The idea to create a consulting brand was born. Steppebystep has been registered.

  • 2019Consulting Services

    First client: Glencore Agri BV, where the full contractual lifecycle of Consulting activities had been conducted.

  • 2020Corporate Education

    In addition to Consulting, Corporate Education is provided to international clients such as  OIl and Gas Join Ventures and  KazMinerals

  • 2022Team Retreats

    Consulting, Corporate Education, and Retreats
  • 2023Mentoring Startups

    n 2023, our focus and commitment were directed towards impactful collaborations. We immersed ourselves in a partnership with the Cassini Accelerator, and took a mentoring role for startups within the EU Space program, further solidifying our dedication to supporting the next generation of space industry pioneers

  • 2024To The Next Level

    Offering a holistic blend of corporate excellence and academic insight, managing multi-million-euro contracts, advocating for diversity,  mentoring startups, and guiding professionals to success.

Team Retreats 🌿

We pay great attention to the well-being of our clients, so we often blend training and coaching activities with wellness retreats with team building activities in Europe and Kazakhstan.
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Among our clients

Among our Clients are International Companies and Universities, like: