How it all began

I was 20 years old and won a scholarship to study in USA. Since then I have never stopped exploring, working and living in the different countries. In total, I had lived in in 8 countries. This unique experience – how to create a career abroad, how to adjust to a new environment, is reflected in the approach for Steppe by Step Training Courses.

When I realised that I reached what I dreamt of in the early days of my career: to see the world, to negotiate million dollar agreements It was time to go in a different direction – my true self by sharing what I know with people.

Once I discovered yoga in 2001, it became part of my daily routine. I am a dedicated practitioner and a Certified Yoga Teacher. How to bring calm and mindfulness to a busy life, how to find strength inside… In search of these answers I traveled to China, India… And now all this knowledge is reflected in our Wellness Retreats and Training Programs.

Steppe by Step Story

Steppe by Step BV. is a Company incorporated in the Netherlands with its subsidiaries in the Netherlands and Kazakhstan.
  • 2017Start

    The idea to connect Kazakhstan and Europe was born. San Yo BV has been registered.
  • 2019Consulting Services

    First clients where the full contractual lifecycle of Consulting activities had been conducted.
  • 2020Corporate Education

    In addition to Consulting, Corporate Education is provided to international clients.
  • 2022Team Retreats

    Consulting, Corporate Education, and Retreats
  • 2023Where we are

    In 2023 Steppe by Step provides different services for procurement and contract management teams to help them unlock the value from their contracts, boost the return from investments and increase bargaining power and engagement with the Suppliers.

Team Retreats 🌿

We pay great attention to the well-being of our clients, so we often blend training and coaching activities with wellness retreats with team building activities in Europe and Kazakhstan.
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Among our clients

Among our Clients are International Companies and Universities, like: