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In this post, I am sharing a video created by the guy from my country, Kazakhstan who is living now in the other country which became mine – the Netherlands. His name is ChingizKhan and he lives in my city. I have not met him, although we were members of one entrepreneurial community.

Love his channel and interviews. Here is what ChingizKhan wrote about this video in Linkedin post

“I did an EXCLUSIVE interview with Reinder Lubbers – former Olympic rower, investment banker, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur, now having started his own new-style venture capital firm “No Such Ventures“, DIFFERENTIATING itself from most other investors. Listen to his life story, participating in the Olympics, and starting a VC firm…

I hope you will enjoy the video  – I liked the way Reinder Lubbers tells his recipe of success, pretty inspiring. Spoiler: Confidence plus being stoic.



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