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People from Kazakhstan rarely show signs of vulnerability. Overall, others perceive us as full of dignity and self-respect people. These qualities take roots in ancient times in history and are conditioned by the climate: when you survive in the cold weather and have hostile tribes around, you cannot allow yourself to be weak and tell the whole world about problems. You need to be observant and unemotional and keep your cool without attracting the attention of others.


For us Kazakhs, connection with nature and steppes is a common thing – we take our strength from it. There are well-known “places of the strength” – Shambala, Vatican, or Himalayas and tourists worldwide are traveling thousands of miles to visit them to get healed and energized. But only a few of them know that this list has some hidden treasures and off-the-beaten Kazakh paths.


The majority of the tourists like to come in summer. It is warm, and the Kazakh steppe is full of grass and tiny wildflowers – even plants do not show the full beauty here. In our land, everything is underexposed, a bit hidden, you need time, attention, and dedication to see a complete picture, but you will be rewarded after. 


My favorite time to be in nature is March. 


There is still cold, untouched snow, with thousand sparkles touched by sun rays, but there are minor signs that the spring is already here. The weather is slightly warmer; the wind is not pushing and gently hugging.

It is an important period in Central Asia, and in this region, Real New Year starts on the 22 of March – Nauryz. When the winter is taking almost half of the year, all significant decisions and changes are counted towards this Day.


After I moved to Kazakhstan, I was asked to show my homeland and contemplated presenting the best of it to my network for some time.

So, I am announcing a program for people who wants to come to Kazakhstan from 19 to 26 th of March.

 It will be a mix of:

1) urban tourism with visiting major sightseeing in the Capital, 

2) combined with ethnic elements of our culture – visiting yurts, riding horses while visiting mountains and steppes

3) mindfulness sessions, yoga, and meditations as a backbone of all activities…after all, today, we want to have it all – and we want to have it all now. So staying only in luxury five stars hotels, fine dining, transportation, and sightseeing is all included.

There is a saying – never miss a chance to drink with locals. I can promise: you will have lots of tea and kumys with Kazakh people.

The group is already formed 50 %, so we have around 5- 7spare places – if you want to attend – RSVP within one week. 

The non-pandemic era is coming – and to celebrate life, we need more strength than ever.

For all travel arrangements, such as PCR and visa, please check kz embassy websites in your country, for example

For all details, prices, and agreements, please get in touch with admin via email: contact@

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