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In the mid of October, I have moved back to Kazakhstan. Exactly 20 years ago, I went to Europe to search for a better life for my 4-year-old son and me. I found what I was looking at at the level that Europe could give to me at that time. Without going into many details of a personal journey, to sum up, the list includes education, number of expatriate positions in top tier European cities, aside hobby turned out a long-lasting passion – yoga, and finally building a consulting company.
Recently – before COVID, I felt that I was growing out of all this. My life in Europe suddenly became like out of fashion, two sizes smaller pants, which is uncomfortable to wear and still, it is a pity to throw away. Was it a mid-life crisis, which coincided with the March 2020 pandemic lockout at home, I don’t know/.
I remember one conversation in September this year in Zurich with another globetrotter. We were sitting in one trendy spot, sipping cocktails. Question: What do two foreigners and perpetual travelers discuss with one another when they meet? Answer: They discuss: a) the next traveling destination and 2) a perfect place to settle.
I have mentioned that I am thinking of going back to Kazakhstan. And then this person answered what I was telling myself for the last few years, on behalf of all my fears- “Who goes back to your own country? People do not return to the places they left and where they were born”.
“Sandu, he added, we are different, and the place is different. And this is the most difficult thing”.

Well, despite that, I am here in Nursultan, sitting in a cozy apartment looking at EXPO after my morning walk; today was minus 25 outside.
In 2. 5 months, since I have arrived, I have opened a consulting company in IT procurement, which is functioning under the AIFC Business Connect Ltd (Astana International Financial Centre) legislation framework.
I have found a great client ( or, more precisely, they found me), who was my old client – a big international company from the Netherlands, willing to work with me under Kazakh legislation.
Moreover, I have started to provide a complete course with the Swiss-SASEM – Swiss Business School o to the professor and teaching staff of Al- Farabi Kazakh National University. This course consists of 8 lectures, 3,5 hours each, and is called “Building competencies in International career”. Whatever I have learned all these years on how to adjust to the international environment, what cross-cultural communication is, how to make most of it, and how to build up a career abroad, I am sharing it with the students.
I don’t know how long I will stay here – for once in my life; I do not have big plans. But this principle being here in now somehow makes sense more than ever. #kazakhstan #edtech # #teaching # #career
Happy New Year to all.
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