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Dear Friends and Readers of this website,

I am very excited to announce that our retreats program has been listed on    –  the world’s leading marketplace to explore and book unforgettable travel experiences. 

This website “offers … type of holidays you can imagine including mindful yoga retreats, adventurous safaris, epic surf camps, and more.”

This is a big honor and a quality mark for the retreats. Just remind you, we have several listings by SteppebyStep offers. 

  1. – This is an upcoming luxury retreat we are going to conduct in a bit more than a month for Christmas and New Year in the capital of Kazakhstan and Capital of Uzbekistan, duration nine days. UPDATE In addition to the Christmas and New Year packages, we have added one more retreat with the same program. It starts on the 2 of January, at the same venue and activities, just nine days after the first one. Hurry up, only a few places left! If you want to have this retreat through your corporate organization, we also provide this option. We uniquely crafted the program to have everything for the body, soul, and mind and a big plus – we added city luxury activities.

This retreat had already been conducted this summer and had been an enormous success, so we are repeating the winter’s version this January, but only from 11 th January until 18 th of January. We will conduct the spring version in 2023, have a look at our section of the retreats. In addition to the most beautiful place in Kazakhstan, Borovoye, you will spend three days in the capital of Kazakhstan – all posh restaurants, chic art galleries, and theatre concerts are prepared for you.

Please note that you can book the retreats through our website or

For those who did take our retreats or our training courses and classes, I have a favor to ask –  please leave your feedback at using the links above and in our website, email contact@ Your feedback is essential to improve the quality of our services.

And for those who are interested  – please hit the button INQUIRY – this will increase an interest to our retreats and make people know about Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan`s destinations!




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