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A few days ago, I returned from Europe’s biggest tech conference, Web 3 Summit. It was held in Lisbon, Portugal. To say that it was a big event is not to say anything. More than 2300 startups and more than 70 000 people attended this event.

Getting to the event was not easy. Traffic in Lisbon is quite intense, and the lines to the event were long. Still, it was worth all the efforts  getting there. Everything to learn  about Metaverse, Web 3 , major IT players, stages with the Masterclasses and Demos.

Among the speakers were Changpeng Zhao Co-founder & CEO at Binance, António Costa Prime Minister of the Government of Portugal, Cathie Wood, CEO & Chief Investment Officer at ARK Invest, and lots of startup founders as well as major crypto investors.

 While walking between different venues and masterclasses, I had a chance to shake the hand of the blogger from the fantastic crypto channel “Incrypted,” which is based in Ukraine. Overall, Ukraine had a strong presence, its pavilion with founders one of the hotspots of the Web 3 summit. On the second day, the wife of Zelensky came to support the Ukranian tech community.

On the third and last day, I canceled all meetings and spent the day at the beach. Watching a Portuguese sky, looking at the ocean and surfers catching their waves somehow was a cherry on top for this intense, full of networking, technology event. After all, for me, technology is a part of life but not life itself.


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