SteppebyStep Global Mindset Training and Wellness Retreats


So, summer 22 is gone…and so are my several hopes. If you followed my saga of returning after 20 years of living abroad to the country I was born, I have two pieces of news.
First one: I have managed to set up and develop activities of Steppebystep in Kazakhstan
Training programs for 35 Ph.D. people within four months with Swiss Business School, six months of daily consulting practice to Fortune 500 Company on contract and vendor management activities, contract management and negotiation courses to Executives of the International Company.
Result: more than I planned and expected.
Second one: I am back in the Netherlands and developing activities here; one of them is running wellness retreats for Companies from different parts of the world in Europe.
At the same time, I want to focus on the conduct of professional training in cross-cultural communication and verbal and nonverbal communication.
I have started to pursue a filmmaking degree – if you are curious about where you can follow my Linkedin profile, it is indicated there. What can I say? It is a prestigious organization with an excellent platform to provide an outstanding education in this area.
It is very demanding, and this is the knowledge I was looking for. I am learning art, writing, filmmaking, history of movies. So I will come up with new courses in the new direction related to creativity development and following the life of your dreams.
Stay tuned. And if You/ Your Company want to conduct events in Europe/ Kazakhstan and pursue team-building possibilities with an emphasis on wellness – feel free to reach out.
This is just a song from Duke Dumont Ocean Drive reflecting my mood. A bit dynamic, a bit sad, a bit nostalgic, and overall, incredible.


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