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We had been selected and approved under the biggest and proven  platform of yoga retreats and thrilled to provide our unique, authentic yoga retreats and wellness activities in Europe and Kazakhstan. We had been  promoted and had been lucky that  SteppebyStep retreats are shown on top of the other 6000 retreats, but we need more likes, hearts, inquiries and reactions, so the algorythm will push the system to start working.

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While building a professional career abroad, I was searching for solutions on how to unwind and find peace inside. It might sound so cliche nowdays, but back in 2001 – yoga and meditation truly helped me in connecting with other people. It made me more aware of who I am, it became that secret ingredient that kept putting a smile on my face ( well, not always) and trying (the key emphasys on the word “trying”) not taking everything close to my heart. From 2001, yoga became part of my daily routine. I am a dedicated practitioner of yoga and a certified Yoga Teacher. How to bring calm and mindfulness to a busy life? How to find strength inside? In search of all these answers, in addition to numerous yoga training, I traveled to China, learned Tai-chi and Kung-fu, and practiced meditation in Kerala, India.
I founded

to help to connect people globally while taking well-being luxury retreats in Europe and Kazakhstan.
In our retreats, experienced and certified yoga professionals provide all yoga classes, workshops, and meditations . While we use yoga as a backbone of our authentic and unique retreats, they are not limited to yoga only. Flower workshops, horse riding, chocolate making, team building, executive training, and professional education – this list is just an example of what is included in the program.
We run our retreats in Kazakhstan and now announcing 2 retreats in the last days of summer in the Hague. 4 days of full immersion to Roayl Hague with yoga classes from top studio in the Hague, including walking and sunbathing in the best parks of Europe, resting in the chic cosy cafes, having a morning strolls at the seaside – while listening seagulls and soaking the feet into the pure  water. We prepared everything for you to have a short, yet relaxing break in the heart of Europe, saying goodbye to the summer 2022. #yogateacher #netherlands #thehague #retreat2022 #meditation . Contact us:

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