SteppebyStep Global Mindset Training and Wellness Retreats

I see more and more healed, healthy and happy women around me. Some of them are my close friends, some of them just recently acquainted.

2 of July  is a special day for me. My Father passed away 6 years ago. He was a Great Person, he was always empowering me with his words and actions. He  was teaching me  how to be strong and honest, kind and humble.  At this day, I want to connect with good people and there is a deep desire inside me to transmit that channeled wisdom .

Workshop will be full of love. We will bond and talk. Breath and heal.

Send me a message at  if you are joining. We will be outside, so bring sun glasses, blankets or mats. I will bring cold drinks.

After the workshop we can have a lunch or go for a quick swim.

See you soon.


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