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Nowadays, holidays are exhausting (think of flights delays, COVID requirements etc).

By the time the whole trip is booked ( Hotels, flights, trains and other), there is no energy left to relax at the new destination.

A five-star hotel that looked incredibly chick on the website, in reality, is outdated; SPA is closed, and the breakfast …is a far cry from the lavish one posted on Instagram by one of the travel bloggers…Half of the venues on the list to visit are fully packed with long lines and waiting lists. When the suitcase is packed on the way home, you are tired and a bit sad. There is a clear feeling inside that you need a different type of holiday – the one where you can truly rest.

“What if someone will prepare my trip , bookings and everything else for me?”

“What if my Holidays will finally be ” Me time”?

“What if i could do unique a signtseeing, art galleries and also do Yoga with experts, get a meditation in the Nature?”


In our RETREAT programs we combine: Wellness retreats in Nature, Team Building& Exploring of the City Gems.

Think about these activities:

City sightseeing – private gardens & galleries

Concerts & Aperitivo

Yoga classes, healing sessions

Mindfullnes and Guided Meditation sessions, Massages&REIKI,

Group Trainings,

Events& celebration


Flower arrangement classes,

Bread making&Baking,

Horse riding& Drinking kumys

and more

In our retreats, we Craft  Unique Travel Experiences in Kazakhstan and Europe which are based on three pillars:

1) Personal sanctuary: health- based gastronomy, full immersion to yoga, connection with the nature.

2) Exciting Team Activities: city gems exploring, bonding, trainings, vast range of indoor and outdoor activities.

3) You just need to rest: exceptional facilities, all details of the trip are taken care of by the team of international and local experts.

We are offering you a Retreat in Kazakhstan in August 2022. Please book at the

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