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It is scientifically proven that women who gained 5 pounds in one month live longer than men who noticed it.😊

Now, let’s talk about serious research. Last week, at  Purpose Collective online event (great one, by the way👍), Aaron Hurst, author of “Purposeful Economy” book, CEO of Imperative, and founder of the Taproot Foundation, stated: “It is ..almost impossible to be fulfilled in life without meaningful relationship”. Aaron then added : “It is … impossible to be fulfilled in work without meaningful relationships”.

I kept coming back to this sentence over and over again and was thinking about my relationships at work. If we are doing work together, is not it already meaningful?

Still, doing activities together does not always mean having relationships. With today’s pace of life, us, changing companies and projects, can we really combine doing a job and building long-lasting relations with colleagues?

Almost all my friends from the past 20 years are friends acquired from work. True, close friends. But the real friendship was developed after stopping to work together.

Are “office” and “friendship” terms excluding each other?

Everyone has their interpretation of what meaningful relationships at work are. What is for sure, is that any relationships need time and a particular setting. Without dedication and investment, nothing will grow.

For the Companies looking for team-building activities:
in August, we will organize two retreats, lasting from 3 to 7 days. There is an excellent opportunity for those who want to bond with their teammates and brainstorm under the Kazakh sun.
Innovative solutions require uncommon, out-of-box conditions, and we are ready to set up and provide them to you.
Forget discussing the plans and strategy in the poorly ventilated conference room. You can still do it while watching fire flames and inhaling the smell of freshly cut grass.
We guarantee 5-star hotel accommodation, excellent restaurants, comfortable transportation, and a unique only to Kazakhstan cultural program. Not to forget to mention – flipcharts and stationery are guaranteed either.
Let’s make it meaningful❤❤❤.

PS. For all details, prices, and agreements, please contact admin via email: contact@
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