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I was reading the book “Steal Like an Artist” by Austin Kleon, and I saw stages of the life of a project in the attached diagram.

After following the dots on the curve, I could find the resemblance between the description given by the Author with my own experience. How many times spark of the brilliant (at least it seemed in that moment) idea N1, N2, or N3 was leading to the thought “Why, why have I started doing this? “or after many times of trying, to this one “None in the world needs it…”  

Not all ideas survive and get to that final stage – many die somewhere in the middle. Fortunately, there is always a feeling of the reward when an idea becomes a reality, and the diagram confirms so.

Last and this year, the latest project I worked on – Training Programs for Senior Executives on SteppbyStep, brought several Corporate Clients. With the delivered programs and returning clients, it is moving to the stage that is not on the diagram – the stage where it feels good about the product and its quality, by Customers and by me.

Last week, I had a chance to meet again with the “Building competencies for international career” course participants. It was given to Ph.D. staff and professors of Kazakh National University Al Farabi via Swiss Business School SASEM.

In February, the course was over, and more than 30 participants received the certification. Now, professors are conducting the same class to their colleagues and peers. We met for a coaching session to discuss the challenges of this course’s teaching and share some stories of this journey. With the help of this course, the professors who are used to building careers in Kazakhstan only now get all tools and mechanisms to build a career abroad.

The book “Steal like an artist” had the magical effect of pushing me toward what I needed to do without excessive motivation. The book cover has nothing in common with the main message. Austin Kleon says: “You’re ready. Start making stuff.” For me, it was the message.

I do recommend the book as I 

do recommend SteppebyStep executive training programs.  

In addition to the courses related to the Development of the International Career skillset and Cross-cultural negotiations, a range of well-being and yoga retreats are offered. One thing to attend a training on Zoom and an entirely different feeling when it is done in the wild steppes, close to yurts, smelling the fresh grass, and drinking kumis. When required, retreats and training programs could be combined.

All courses are conducted live, online, and offline with coaching support. For more information, visit the website

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