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I almost never ever talk about my Family Members.

Now it is a great chance – we just came back from our holidays in Dubai – me, my Mom and my Niece. It was one of the best holidays I have ever had –  relaxing, informative, full of love, care, and warmth.

We have visited EXPO 2020. Despite all innovations, technology, and AI, I loved most and my niece agreed with me the showrooms of Mexico and Peru. They were not fully crowded, almost empty, and did not have that noise around them. Lots of butterflies, color,  Mexican soul, and Peruan nature.

I was so moved by the history and culture that now planning to visit South America ( in the next 2 years). And I think that’s the main reason why EXPO exists – to promote tourism and interest in the country`s culture. That butterfly reached the goal faster than the drones I saw in other pavilions.

You still have 20 days to visit EXPO before it will close, recommend by whole heart.

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