SteppebyStep Global Mindset Training and Wellness Retreats

Step by Step offers you a chance for an unforgettable experience – spend a week in Kazakhstan, while there is still plenty of snow and crystal crisp fresh air.

It is not going to be just an ordinary trip – we want to allow you to see the best of Kazakhstan – to see Bazar and everything that the capital could offer,  drink Kazakh tea in the yurt, enjoy a concert on ethnic instruments. You will stay in a 5-star Hotel while we will be in the city and will be provided with the best quality food in the European restaurants. Of course, you can always try a portion of local food.  

Plus we will combine this tour with a 3-day visit to Kazakh Alps – Borovoye, where you can hike in the mountains, ride horses and reset yourself in the serene environment of snowy steppes. And it will be lots of yoga – breathing, physical and restorative. A big house will be rented, so you can enjoy yourself both indoors and outdoors depending on your own preference.  We will take you to the hidden and known only to locals places of the strength where thousands of years ago the rulers of steppes – KHANS were taking their energy and vitality. 

All of our trips are brimming with real, local, and unique experiences that’ll still make you smile in 20 years’ time.

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