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Why should YOU choose Steppe by Step ?

Sandugash Sembinova
Founder of Steppe by Step

You have finally decided that you are ready to move to a new country for a work. Or you are the one who considers the idea to develop your business abroad.

If you are one of those people - I know how you feel...scared...excited and perhaps a little bit of both? I know that feeling because I have been in your shoes 7 times.
  • USA
  • Kazakhstan
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • Italy
  • Russia
  • Switzerland

Within these years, I have mastered my professional skills and climbed high on the corporate ladder. USA, Kazakhstan, UK, the Netherlands, Italy, Russia, Switzerland – these are the countries where I worked for companies and build up my businesses.

Apart of that, I think two main skills I have mastered is how to start your life in a new place and how to feel good emotionally and physically in a stressful, demanding, result driven environment. I have lived through this pain, through the experience of not having friends in a new place, not fully understanding the cultural mindset of those around me, not having enough time for taking care of myself, my wellbeing, my emotions. And from the beginning of my ” around the world” journey , exactly 25 years ago, I started to collect piece by piece stories, advises from successful globetrotters, international writers, and gurus to see how I can help myself. 



Lifetime experience

1.How to start really "living abroad"?

To move abroad is only half of the deal – how to start really ” living abroad” – this is a question. When people move to live and work abroad, everything becomes one big exam. Every single day they are forced, almost like in School, to get “the highest grades”, proving that they’ve done their best, by being far away from family and friends.

Sounds familiar? Contact me to really start living abroad.

2. How to adapt faster to the new place?

Adjusting in a new place without experienced help and advises takes longer time, a few inevitable “meeting a bad people” experiences and may cost emotional burnout. In addition to this internal and external pressure, people do want to feel to belong to a community, to the country where they are living. Being a foreigner, sometimes without real friends, establishing social connections with neighbors and colleagues without knowing how to do it is challenging.

Need to talk?

3. It is better to learn from Experienced and Professionals

Programs and Training developed are based on observing, analyzing, learning from personal and other people’s experiences on how to better adapt in an international environment, in a local community, how to dare to move to a new place and how to adjust to a new country and culture. And while trying to adapt, how not to lose YOU: your own identity, personality, and values.

Yes, I want to get an expertise.

It took me a time to come up with the idea of the place which help people to:

  1. Get motivation to pursue their dreams to live in the country where they always wanted
  2. Not to get “lost in translation” – while connecting with other people how not to loose yourself and make that connection first with yourself.

Steppe by Step offers All in one Solution: how to move abroad, how to find YOUR best job (even if you decide not to continue a rat race, but pursue you long time forgotten heart desires rather then attractive pay checks), how to feel good emotionally and physically in a new place and how to finally start living – successfully and in a new place.

Our cutting
edge curriculums

Retreats and Wellness Programs in Kazakhstan and Europe

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Individual Coaching and Corporate Programs in English and Russian languages

“Don’t listen to what they say, go see” ~
Chinese Proverb

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