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So, if you decided that one country is not enough for you – my sincere congratulations.
The whole world is already global and why would not you?

I believe that any success is a result of the shift and transformation of the mindset. Believing that you can do it. And taking care of yourself before connecting with others


Feel Good Retreats

Retreats and Wellness Programs in Kazakhstan and Europe

Connect Globally


Mindset Transformation Live Training

Individual Coaching Programs

“Fear is only temporary. Regrets last forever”

Individual Coaching and Corporate Programs in English and Russian languages.

We work as with individual clients, so with Corporations help to connect different parts of the world, Kazakhstan, Central Asia, Europe in particular. We work as with individual clients, so with Corporations and offer customized, targeted to the result approaches – Corporate Wellness Programs, Executive Training and Coaching related to Cross Cultural Communication.

Retreats and Wellness Programs in Kazakhstan and Europe.

How to bring calmness to a busy life and how to find a strength inside? With programs based on elements of the ancient eastern techniques, Yoga and Tai Chi, unique introduction to culture, cuisin and the nature, you will rejuvenate each cell of your body

E-learning and Live Training

People who are going to live abroad, even for short periods of time, all want to find a better life or hope to find that life in other places. I help to develop strategies to find the best job or run successful businesses.

About Programmes

If you feel that urge inside that it is time for you to move to another country and/or expand your business internationally, you can not just sit and wait - you need to learn How to Do It. Steppe by Step customized coaching and training programs will help you in that journey - not only to get from Point A to Point B but also to thrive in the new place.

To make big, positive changes in life, it is important to have the right mindset and enough life force to believe in your dreams and to pursue them. Our Retreats and Wellness programs which are run in Kazakhstan and Europe would boost your self-confidence and allow you to recharge your batteries In addition to this internal and external pressure, people do want to feel to belong to a community, to the country where they are living. Being a foreigner, sometimes without real friends, establishing social connections with neighbors and colleagues without knowing how to do it is challenging.

There are lots of general programs on cross-cultural communication. There are no country-specific programs for people from Central Asia and Kazakhstan who want to build their life and business in Europe. Also, there are no programs for Europeans who want to expand their business to Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Nowadays if you are not aware of how to navigate different cultural settings, you can lose competitive benefits in the market. And at Steppe by Step, with our 1: 1 coaching, training, and e-learning courses you will receive clear, proven by people who had done that journey before, guidelines and expert advise

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