Global Mindset Training

I have witnessed so many times that the deals were not signed, beautiful initiatives were not launched and conducted… why? Because people with different backgrounds, cultures, and nationalities were sitting close to each other and could not find a common language. They spoke English, but it is not about the language only, right?

Global Mindset Training

They did not have that important spark which is called a human connection. Sill, the same people who seemed to not like each other during long hours of debating and discussing in the conference rooms and well .. arguing, were sitting and enjoying dinner, laughing with each other in the restaurants the same day, later.

Was it because of food or vine? Probably… but the rule is quite simple – when we have the right environment, the right attitude, when we are tuned to each other, we could enjoy each other company and coexist efficiently.

In my Training and Programs on getting Global, I am not teaching you how to coexist or survive. I will share with you how to thrive abroad – because, for success, we do need other people. And how to attract the right tribe, people who can empower you, who can help you to reach your goals – this is the essence of my Training. But first, you need to learn how to Feel Good 

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