SteppebyStep Global Mindset Training and Wellness Retreats

Courses and Training

We offer a range of the Professional Training Courses, such as:

  1. International Negotiations;
  2. Cross Cultural Communication;
  3. Negotiations for Women;
  4. Contract Management for IT;
  5. Contract Management for Oil and Gas;
  6. Development of leadership skills;
  7. Change Your Career- Change Your Life;
  8. and other.

Becoming Global for Companies - consulting


Nowadays if you are not aware on how to navigate different cultural settings, you can lose competitive benefits in the market. Steppebystep provides business consulting services for companies and people  who want to build their life and establish presence in Europe and Kazakhstan. 


Global Mindset - Training


In our Training on getting Global, we are not teaching you how to coexist or survive. We are  sharing with you how to thrive abroad – because, for success, we do need other people. And how to attract the right tribe, people who can empower you, who can help you to reach your goals


In January and February 2022 we conducted 40 hour training course for 30 PhD Students and Teachers  " Personal Career Development International Competitiveness and Promotion". 

This course had been held in cooperation with Swiss School of Applied Science and Economics and Kazakh National University Al Farabi.   

"My knowledge about the international competencies in the career improved vastly. We discussed real expats' stories, learned about current trends in the digital nomad's movement. Sandugash demonstrated why emotional intelligence at the multicultural workspace is so important. I have enjoyed this course immensely. Thank you!"


Asset Kysdarbekova


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