Feel Good

RETREATS, training and coaching on how to feel good while becoming and being global


The most beautiful places in Kazakhstan, a combination of the luxury of the cities, 5-star Hotels, and wilderness of Kazakh steppes.

Ride horses, drink Kumis, and see local competition in Aytysh -Kazakh art of rapping songs existed several centuries before Eminem, Kendrik, and Drake.

Get to the JEEP and see the steppes, attend the local concerts, buy artisan goods, do hiking, and of course, practice yoga with us!

Retreat programs are
available for

Corporate Clients

Yoga practitioners (YTT is coming soon)

Individuals who want to explore Kazakhstan


Portugal`s amazing beaches and landscapes with an unforgettable view of the caves combined with yoga classes, Pranayama, Tai Chi meditations, reconnect with yourself sessions, and powerful self-healing techniques. Plus – hiking, tourist activities, and of course local cuisine – this retreat is designed for people who want to completely surrender to nature and have a life-changing experience.

Italy… This magic word is already enough to start packing a suitcase to experience a ” dolce vita”. With Our Retreats, this effect will be skyrocketed – in addition to serene landscapes, breathtaking art, and museums, we will guide you through the process of rejuvenation, getting joy in the present moment, and radically accepting yourself.

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