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Feel Good Retreats

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April 2023
Price: All inclusive 5500 eur per person

Imagine visiting the most beautiful places in Kazakhstan while experiencing the luxury of the cities, 5-star Hotels, and the wilderness of Kazakh steppes. We start with the Capital of Kazakhstan, visit the museums, go to the nightclub, and attend an ethnic concert. Then we will drive to “small Switzerland” – Borovoye, where we will learn more about Kazakh culture and nature, listen to old legends about nomad lands and visit a shaman… We will greet a sunrise with yoga, ride horses, drink Kumis, and visit yurt. In addition, we will attend the local concerts, buy artisan goods and go hiking!

Crafted unique Travel Experiences in Kazakhstan and europe

Our Feel Good Retreats are  based on three pillars:

1) Personal sanctuary: health- based gastronomy, full immersion to yoga, connection with the nature.

2) Exciting Team Activities: city gems exploring, bonding, trainings, vast range of indoor and outdoor activities.

3) You just need to rest: exceptional facilities, all details of the trip are taken care of by the team of international and local experts.

Retreat programs are
available for

Corporate Clients

Yoga practitioners (YTT is coming soon)

Individuals who want to explore Kazakhstan

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